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Teenagers’ conversation classes
Kids’ conversation classes
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Adults’ courses top

Our Adults’ English classes are aimed at learners aged sixteen and above with topics and materials applicable to senior high school pupils, college students and older learners. Twenty-four graded levels provide learners with plenty of opportunities to develop their English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.     


Teenagers’ courses top

Our twenty-six-level Teenagers’ English classes are geared towards grade 6 elementary to grade 9 junior high school students. Our fun, multi-skills courses are designed specifically for young teenagers and provide them with opportunities to communicate confidently and fluently in English.

Kids’ courses top 

Our Kids’ English classes provide plenty of fun learning activities for grade 1 to 5 elementary school children.  Twenty-one graded learning levels offer communicative lessons with plenty of task-based activities.

Adults’ conversation classes top

Adults’ conversation classes are for learners aged sixteen and above who want to focus on improving their speaking and listening skills. Our topic-based lessons allow students to build their confidence, practice their speaking, improve their pronunciation and enrich their vocabulary.

Teenagers’ conversation classes top

Our teenagers’ conversation classes give junior high school students the opportunity to improve their English speaking and listening skills, applying what they have learned at school in fun, communicative topic-based lessons. 

Kids’ conversation classes top

Our kids’ conversation classes are for elementary school children who study in national plus, or other English speaking schools, and children who have spent time living abroad and want to keep using their English.

International exam preparation classes top

Our international exam preparation classes will help learners improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills as well as their test scores.

In-house training top

Eden – Everyday English can provide in-house training to cater for the language needs of companies, businesses, organisations and institutions in the Bogor area.

In-school training top

Our in-school training courses are adapted to supplement local schools’ RSBI English language programmes, and provide specialised tutoring for both students and teachers in local junior and senior high schools.

Indonesian courses top

Our five-level Indonesian language course now offers expats the opportunity to study   Bahasa Indonesia in Bogor. Courses can be adapted to the learner’s needs with schedules ranging from once, to five days a week depending on the learner’s preference.



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